About Us

'b00t2root' is a virtual gathering of all the cyber security enthusiasts to enrich their skills in the field of Information Security and would serve as a great platform to find better solutions to real life security threats solving the challenges of this competitive jeopardy style CTF.


(There might be a change in the timeline as it is tentative as of now)

March 10

Registration portal opens! The registration process will begin on the 10th of March.

March 27 - 11:00 P.M

This is a 12hr long CTF and will begin on the 27th of march at 11:00 P.M IST

March 28 - 11:00 A.M

CTF ends on the 28th of March at 11:00 A.M IST

March 30

Behold the winners! Winners will be announced and the goodies/prizes will be distributed among the teams.


Event Organizer
How do I prepare for this competition?

A good introduction to CTFs is available here.Below are the links to similar challenges:
3.XSS Game

What do I have to do?

You will be presented with challenges. The ultimate goal of every challenge is to find a "flag". A flag looks like this: b00t2root{7hi5_1s_4_fl4g}, and the method in which you find the flag depends on the challenge.
You can always contact us if you feel that a challenge is broken.

Is there a limit for team size?

Yes, there is size limit of 4 participants, lone wolves are also welcome :)

Do I have to stay online the whole time?

Of course not. Don't forget to eat and sleep.